Just Shirtin The Issue "Slogans Good Enough to Wear"


"I got my t-shirt two years ago and it still fits great!"  -Anna P.

"People always ask, where did you get that tee?"  -Norris M.


Be true to you...

I could end my “about us” post with that statement but I don’t want to leave you without a more detailed explanation of why I decided to open the Just Shirtin The Issue online store.

A long time ago in the year (2010) and far away (in New Jersey) while at a New Year’s Eve party I took inventory of things around me as I did not want to forget how special the moment was. Did you ever do that? Smell a scent or look at something which jogs a memory and say, “remember that time?" I wanted to capture that emotion and believed that slogans were the way to go. How best to offer your opinion or feeling at any moment?  At that moment the idea for Just Shirtin The Issue was born where we offer “Slogans Good Enough to Wear."

I enjoy hearing from people who say, “Hey t-shirt girl, thanks for my shirt!" They tell me about how they wore it at a dance congress in Spain, during a vacation, or just staying local and enjoying the night out. The t-shirt doesn’t make people happy, the memories it brings by wearing it will.

At our online store you can find a way for the world to “see” what you believe.

Thanks for visiting, shopping and supporting us at Just Shirtin The Issue.